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Looking for New Material?

Much to my surprise and joy, I was asked to join the writing team over at about 5 weeks ago. I’ve been posting on NPC twice a week since then, and will be all the way through the season. My hope for PittsburghRick is that my brother Jon takes the reigns and shows you what a brilliant football mind he is this  year.

Obviously not much is happening in the off-season, but if you’d like to check me out on NPC, I have a series called “The Art OF…” where I explore all kinds of Steelers art every Friday, and then a general post every Wednesday. Here’s the link.

Maybe once the season rolls around, I’ll use Pittsburgh Rick as a more open forum to talk about Steelers issues in depth, something I likely won’t be doing over at NPC since I am one of four different writers.

Go Steelers!



Super Bowl XLV

We’re removed a few weeks from the devastating game that was Super Bowl 45. I’m on the road for about 15 days touring with Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric, and so I’ve got some significant time to write about my thoughts for the game. (more…)

Final Predictions

So, in honor of my pops predicting Santonio’s big Super Bowl game in 2009, I am going to make a few predictions for today’s game myself. In the picture to the right, you can see my nephew Thomas, my dad (wearing the ‘Tone jersey, of course) and my brother-in-law Chris. Thomas is now 2 1/2 years old, and he’s got a few predictions of his own. (more…)

At Least We Don’t Beat Our Wives

Armpitsburg? Really?

Green Bay, WI vs Pittsburgh, PA. Is this even up for debate? Pittsburgh was recently named the #1 city in the USA to relocate to. There were all kinds of cool facts and numbers that went in to deciding which cities were named the top, among them the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the best franchise in sports, and that the Penguins consistently rock. (I’d mention Clemente, Mazeroski, Bonds, Bonilla, Bell, Kendall and others, but the Pirates have been so bad for so long that I just can’t include them as a reason to move to Pittsburgh. See, I’m fair). (more…)

The Steelers Overcame

There is a lot more to overcoming adversity than just overcoming key injuries, but lets start there. The Steelers sustained injuries to their Left and Right tackles, one preseason, and the other early in the season on November 10th. Add to that the loss of the most underrated Steeler on the field ever Sunday Aaron Smith, and you’ve got a recipe for what could be disaster. Ziggy Hood has stepped in for Aaron Smith and done a fantastic job with somewhat of a breakout season. The offensive line has not been so lucky. (more…)

Cutler: Players/Fans Accusations

I can’t imagine how a guy this huge gets injured playing quarterback, but in Sunday’s game vs. the Packers, Bears QB Jay Cutler was injured enough to….What? That’s not the Jay Cutler who plays for the Bears? Oh. Oh my. How…unfortunate. (more…)


What a great year to start a Steelers Blog! I get to run the whole gamut on here, from tough losses during the regular season, to Big Ben’s uncanny ability to get it done in the playoffs. My last post about Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben suddenly became more relevant, didn’t it? Things happened just about the way we expected them to. Most people picked the Packers to beat the Bears, and the same with the Steelers against the Jets. Both winning teams though, played pretty ugly games. I always say, great teams find ways to win, even when they play like crap. Both the Steelers and the Packers proved that today. (more…)